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We Preserve Enhance And Protect Your Vision.

Normal eyesight is a priceless gift, and needs to be cared for and protected from disease and injury. In our country, sadly thousands of children and adults lose this treasured gift due to diseases, vitamin deficiencies and injuries. At the same time, we have to manage the lifestyle related diseases and eye problems resulting from hypertension and diabetes.

Clearly, every intelligent ophthalmologist in our country should think in terms of comprehensive eye disease management. It is the priceless gift of vision and the pressing need for comprehensive eye disease management that motivated Dr. Parul Sony to set up this venture after several years of work as a senior consultant.


Complete Eye Care has been set up with a vision to be a one-stop advanced centre with facilities to treat all eye diseases. The present centre is the seed, from which we will grow it to a comprehensive institution with additional units that will provide excellent yet affordable eye care services throughout Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.

During the first year, the centre has already attracted the patronage of people from all walks of society, with hundreds of happy patients coming back to bring their friends and families to Dr. Sony. A well-structured treatment protocol with a service-oriented team has enabled Complete Eye Care to earn a name in such a small period of time. Dr. Parul Sony, the Founder strongly believes in ethics, excellence and humanistic care which shall be the abiding values for the growth of her centre through phases of growth and expansion, with service before self.


Dr. Sony was always keenly interested in mastering diseases of the eye, and this motivated her get selected for a residency (MD Degree) at the one and only Rajendra Prasad Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. The move proved a significant turning point, where she trained and developed her diagnostic and surgical skills. Not only did she excel in patient care, but was an active teacher and investigator for research projects throughout her 6 year career after obtaining her MD degree, as Senior Resident and Sr. Research Associate.

Subsequently, she became Sr. Consultant at Venu Eye Institute, New Delhi where she set up advanced Glaucoma & Cornea services at par with any such centre in the world, apart from excellent work in cataract and LASIK surgery. She started multicentric research trials at Venu Eye Institute for the first time.

Her search for excellence took her to University of Pittsburgh, United States which is an ivy-league institution, and there she learnt several new techniques and further refined her clinical skills. On return to India, she was granted Fellowsip of Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS), and she provided afresh her services as senior ophthalmologist with leading hospitals in Delhi.

Starting August 2010, she set up Complete Eye Care, which is her brainchild and is a modern facility with complete diagnostic and evaluation facilities onboard and with collaboration.


The Centre regularly imparts Patient Education through educational booklets on eye diseases and public lectures, apart from conducting free eye camps and specialized clinics. This triad of dedication, commitment and concern for eye-patients has made Complete Eye Care - a trusted institution, where modern eye care technology & humanitarian healing meet. It is the desire, passion and mission of the founder to establish it as a complete eye care institution, providing the latest diagnostic and therapeutic services in all ophthalmic sub-specialties to the patients. In the near future, we will start with a complete therapeutic centre with all facilities for advanced eye surgeries. We will have a charitable and social component at every centre that we establish.