It had been very relaxing and amazing experience with Dr. Parul Sony. Her passion and pride for the work shows in all her attitude.... her staff and her wonderful hygienic clinic. It is spacious and pleasent. She is a wonderful human being and a caring and competent Doctor. A rarity these days. God bless. Warm regards.

The experience with Dr. Parul Sony is amazing. She is very calm in handling the patients. Her attitude towards patients is extremely good. Kudos to the staff also who are very modest and helping. I highly recommend to visit her clinic and consult her. Thanks for everything. -Mrs. Wajitha Hashmi

Shweta K. Bhutani the Doctor & the team look good care of my daughter, got excellent services. Thank You Very Much

Dr. Anuradha Iyer I have known Dr parul sony for 25 years, she is an excellent ophthalmologist and a wonderful Human Being. Thank you for your excellent care and Treatment. you have a dedicate team of Suport too. Thank You to me and all at complete eye care. we trust you to care for us and our loved ones.

We feel satisfied ineracting with Dr Parul Sony as she is well versed and very experienced. she gave my father confidence to go for the cataract Surgery and Commenced it well rate

One of the most competient and capable doctor in her field. She has done cataract surgery in my both the eyes and totally satisfied with the treatment. very pleasend to talk and always smiling and never loses her patience. She is very dedicated and committed to her profession. I wish her all the Success in her profession.

Mrs. Kusum Singh, C9/9675, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi -110070, Dr. Parul is a very Competent doctor. She has done caract Operation of my left eye, i am perfectly ok and fully satisfied. I appericate all her efforts and special care taker of me. God bless her.

Dr. Parul is a very Competent doctor. She has done my moms cataract Surgery and the results have been Wonderful, We are really Satisfied. Infact all my family Members Come here for regular eye checkups and are happy the way it is done. Thanks doctor and God Bless You always.

Great doctor, very polite. I trust only dr. parul for my daughter he shall is very friendly and co-operative.

Blessing Ogischu
I had a cataract surgery done by Dr Parul Sony. I had a very nice experience throughout my treatment in India

Masiha Maria, 30/F Iraq
I was operated by Dr Parul Sony for a growth over my cornea of the right eye. She did an excellent job with a grafting procedure. I am very grateful to her.

Ali Abdul Munaim, 23/M, Nigeria
Being a young professional, I wanted to be rid of my spectacles. I came to India and consulted Dr. Parul Sony, who evaluated me very critically before deciding it was appropriate for me to have LASIK surgery. I found she had been a fellow at University of Pittsburgh in United States, and her approach was very reassuring. I underwent customized LASIK surgery for both my eyes, and am very happy to be able to have normal crystal clear vision without using spectacles. Thanks to her and her team.

Asha Sharma, 60/M, Ashok Vihar, Delhi
I was diagnosed with advanced glaucoma 2 years back. Dr. Parul treated me with drugs, explaining options and guiding me through good choices. Finally, I underwent glaucoma surgery after which my vision has remained preserved. Though she looks very young and is very friendly, I searched the internet and found she has more than 100 scientific publications in leading medical journals! Clearly, I feel lucky to be under treatment of one of the leading glaucoma experts in NCR area.

Anita Kumar, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon
I showed my son to Dr. Parul Sony, who diagnosed him to have glaucoma. She was very friendly and knowledgeable, and took great pains to explain what may be required at each stage of disease. I am confident that my son is in expert hands, and no longer have fear about my son's disease.

Amissi Kitambwe Hamad, 57/M, Kenya
I got my stitchless cataract surgery done from Dr. Parul Sony in Gurgaon. I must commend her on being very thorough, professional and above all for being a surgeon with excellent skill. Next day after my dressing was removed; I was blessed with crystal clear vision. The same has been the experience of several patients I met in her waiting lounge. Thanks to her and her team for this precious gift.

Shashi Veid
Excellent experience Extremely good behaviour of Dr Paul Sony, Moreover very professional and competent.

Dolly Sood
She made the patient very comfortable and carried out the surgery in a very professional manner no pain and speedy recovery. Thank Doc.

Dr. Parul Sony is very good doctor. she treats her patient like a mother care for her child. she is very noble person.

Asavari Puranik
Excellent she explains the problem very well. Becomes easy to understand and take further actions.

Mamta Bhutani
The doctor is very efficient and polite. Made my mother very comfortable and satisfied. The whole process from intial consultation to surgery went off very smoothly.

K A Abhishek
Excellent doctor. Spends sufficient time with the patients and does not hurry up. Strongly recomend.

Aviraj Mayur
I really recommend the doctor, very experienced and clearly explains the situation. Well behaved and experienced staff.

Nidhi Tanwar
Dr Parul is a good doctor and guides better. Her nature is very pollietly she treats very well and her behaver is very friendly.

Dr. Sony explained my eye condition in great detail and helped me understand it. She is very friendly and did not get irritated even on ocations ehen I quizzed a lot. I have been going to her for treatment of my glocomatic conditions for last 5 years and am very satisfied

Vishesh Sinha
Dr. Sony is excellent doc, n a great human being I had problem in left eye, she treated with great care n today I feel good, thx doc.

Extremely efficient and friendly doctor. Precise diagnosis and treatment. The best you can hope for

Puneet Mehra
She is an attentive listener and spends time in checking before prescribing treatment. She remembers important details about her old patients.

Good experience with doctor listen problem and provide remedies with best solution. Very friendly nature because never feel doctor and patient relation always feel homely.

I was very happy to Dr Parul Sony as she explained the process for cataract surgery. She handles her patients very calmly and has lot of patients comfortable. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends. Thank You to the whole team at Complete Eye Center

Mrs. Promila
Feel comfortable with the doctor She’s very capable and competent. Support staff is very helpful and friendly.

Mrs. Priti
Only after exhausting all medicinal and other conservative options she opted for surgery as last options rather than heading for surgery straightaway even when she has international exposure for surgery as well. She is one of the best in the country

She’s very excellent doctor. She is having very good knowledge about the eyes problems. She is very humble cooperative and patient friendly. I can faith on her blindly. I recommend to ereryone.

Mr. Neeraj
I have been consulting Dr. Parul for past 9 years. Since first time I was diagnosed with glaucoma by doctor. Doctor Parul is experienced & Specialized in treating Glaucoma. She treat my vision before getting things worse.

Kapil Sarna (Son if RK Sarna, had both eyes cataract surgery with Dr Parul Sony)
I have known Dr Parul Sony since last 15 years. She us an excellent doctor & very compassionate person. May god bless you with good health and prosperity always.

Mrs. Wajiha Hashmi
The Experience with Dr Parul sony is amazing, she is so calm. Her attitude towards patients is very good. Kudos to the staff who is helping her. I will highly recommend her yo everyone to visit this clinic. Thanks for Everything!!!

Mr. Vivek Kumar
Happy with overall experience , Mom went for cataract for both eyes

MA Khan
Excellant doctor, well qualified, fully satisfied.

Charulata Mohanty
Complete satisfies with both my cataract surgery. Approachability and command on her surgery is greatest asset of Dr Parul Sony.